About Us

Councils & Working Groups

The voices of our members and partners matter. CGLCC’s work is informed by advisory councils and working groups to ensure we are meeting our network’s needs. This input from various stakeholders helps us shape and improve the programs we offer and the activities we engage in.

Canadian Council of Chambers and Business Organizations

The Canadian Council of Chambers and Business Organizations (CCCBO) gives Canadian provincial and regional LGBT+ chambers and other CGLCC business association affiliates a voice at the leadership table.   Their elected leadership helps determine how the interests of CGLCC members can be best served by discussing important issues and suggesting policy. In addition, it serves as a venue for members to exchange information, discuss issues, offer support and communicate needs on a local level.

Corporate Advisory Council

The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) is made up of CGLCC Corporate Partners. Their work helps us elevate our platform by raising awareness of the economic benefits of both a diverse workplace and mutually beneficial relationships between the LGBT+ and LGBT+-allied business community. Their work helps educate corporate Canada and the public about an inclusive economy and its benefits.

Trans Advisory Council

This advisory council recognizes the particular issues and barriers facing trans and non-binary-owned businesses and helps identify the right resources to address them.

The council ensures that trans and non-binary-owned businesses are visible and included within all CGLCC programming – recommending policy and helping to advance the interests of trans and non-binary entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses. They bring trans and non-binary issues forward to make sure they are top-of-mind for CGLCC.

Procurement Advisory Council

The Procurement Advisory Council focuses on taking supplier diversity in Canada to the next level. They act as a forum for discussion and action around supplier diversity best practices and help create and maintain standards for how to do business with certified LGBT+ businesses. They aim to not only increase supplier diversity but also improve the quality of interactions between LGBT+ businesses and corporations, government and the prime supplier community.

Through education, guidance and strategic advice they work with CGLCC’s network of local chambers and LGBT+ businesses to help find and secure opportunities. They also work with CGLCC’s Corporate Partners to help them walk the walk – ensuring their procurement practices reflect the practices, policies and programs laid out by the Procurement Advisory Council.

Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Working Group

The purpose of the BIPOC Working Group is to grow BIPOC representation among CGLCC membership and certified suppliers and to discuss the unique issues, challenges, and barriers facing BIPOC-owned businesses, share best practices, and to work to identify resources and mechanisms to address those issues.

The BIPOC Working Group is composed of any member or certified supplier of CGLCC with an interest in the advancement of BIPOC entrepreneurs, professionals, and owned businesses.