2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Program

The 2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub

A national research network to support 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurs and businesses

A $3,000,000 research fund is available to develop and launch the first-ever 2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub. This hub will be a national research network, tasked with generating data and consolidating resources, best practices, and tools that will benefit 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurs. The goal of the 2SLGBTQI+ Knowledge Hub is to provide public access to these resources, supports, and information, regarding the 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurial landscape in Canada, through an accessible online platform.

As an underdeveloped field of research, 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurs and businesses lack access to support systems, business opportunities, and resourceful information. By conducting nation-wide qualitative and quantitative research in Canada, the 2SLGBTQI+ Knowledge Hub will identify these research gaps and seek to support 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurs and businesses in overcoming the challenges and systemic barriers they encounter.

The 2SLGBTQI+ Knowledge Hub will contribute to the following objectives:

  • Develop and maintain an ecosystem database and map that inventories key stakeholders, programs and types of business support available to 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurs across Canada in both French and English;
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to generate reports and publications on 2SLGBTQI+ entrepreneurship, both academic and non-academic;
  • Strengthen and expand the network of stakeholders, including educational institutions, and provide leadership on how 2SLGBTQI+ data disaggregation and generation can be supported by other organizations across Canada.

Who is eligible to apply for this funding?

  • The Lead Applicant must be a provincially/territorially recognized post-secondary academic institution or research institute;
  • The Application must include partnerships of three or more project partners that will contribute to the research and dissemination activities, that may include, but are not limited to:
    • Other provincially/territorially recognized post-secondary academic institutions or research institutes;
    • Community-based research organizations;
    • Non-profit organizations;
    • Think tanks.
  • Must have the capacity to conduct and coordinate large-scale, national quantitative and qualitative research projects, with the ability to safely collect and anonymize statistics;
  • Must demonstrate the ability to deliver program activities and products in both official languages (English and French);
  • Are expected to bring a contribution to the project, either financially or in-kind, to demonstrate their commitment to the development and delivery of the 2SLGBTQI+ Knowledge Hub and to leverage the funding provided by the government.

Ready to apply?

1. Read the Funding Guidelines

Take a look at our Funding Guidelines to determine your eligibility and see other important details and how to apply. It’s an important resource to read before deciding to apply, as we want to make sure that you have all the necessary information before beginning the process.

2. Prepare your application

  • Download the Application Instructions: this document is crucial for the application process. It outlines the information required for your research proposal and how to submit the full application. You must read these instructions before submitting your application.
  • Download the Budget template, which includes instructions on how to complete the budget. This must be submitted as part of your application.

If you have any questions, please contact your Grant Manager, Abdi Hassan (abdi@cglcc.ca) at any time. You will find his full contact information below.

3. Apply

Please use the button below to access CGLCC’s Application Platform and register an account to begin your application.

➔ Looking for a Research Partner? 
You can access the Knowledge Hub’s Collaboration Document for a list of Institutions, organizations, and researchers interested in connecting with Lead Applicants. 
If you are looking to collaborate and would like to be added to the Knowledge Hub’s Collaboration Document, please contact your Grant Manager, Abdi Hassan (abdi@cglcc.ca).

Curious to learn more? Access our webinar

We conducted a webinar on the 2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub. Below, you can access an overview of the funding, eligible partnerships, expected activities and deliverables, eligible/ineligible costs, budget, timeframe, and the application process.

Access the webinar


If you have any questions or issues, our Grant Manager is here for you:
Abdi Hassan (he/him), Grant Manager Research
(416) 761-5151  ext. 104