LGBTQI+ Newcomers Program

Our initiative is dedicated to empowering LGBTQI+ entrepreneurs who are newcomers to Canada, having arrived within the last 5 years. We’re committed to supporting their journey in business development and scaling within the Canadian landscape. Through tailored workshops, networking events, and access to essential resources, we aim to address the unique challenges faced by LGBTQI+ newcomers in entrepreneurship. 

The program is currently under development.

If you have any questions, please reach out to


Cultivating a Supportive Ecosystem

We’re building a program that combines networking opportunities, workshops, and resources to foster a supportive community. This program allows LGBTQI+ entrepreneurs to connect, share experiences, and access tools vital for business growth.

Promoting Collaboration and Inclusivity

Collaboration with existing support networks, governmental agencies, and local businesses will be the heart of our mission. By working together, we aim to break down barriers and advocate for the rights of LGBTQI+ entrepreneurs new to Canada, fostering a more inclusive entrepreneurial community.

Capacity Building

We’re dedicated to strengthening the Canadian 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce’s capacity to support LGBTQI+ entrepreneurs and businesses nationwide. Through our efforts, we aim to establish the Chamber as a leading organization in this vital support network.