Our training opportunities are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the 2SLGBTQI+ community and its allies. If your workplace wants to learn more about engaging with the 2SLGBTQI+ community as employees, with business opportunities or as an end customer, we have a number of courses and workshops to get you ready.

Online Course

An Introduction to 2SLGBTQI+ Diversity and Inclusion

Take the first step toward an 2SLGBTQI+ inclusive environment, creating a safer and more productive workplace for all of your employees. Learn More
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per person

2SLGBTQ+ Diversity & Inclusion – Creating a Welcoming and Accessible Workplace

The CGLCC is pleased to introduce two new workshop training sessions. These can be a 2-part program or 2 separate sessions – there is no prerequisite, nor do companies have to complete both.

Workforce Session

A 90-minute session designed to start a conversation about 2SLGBTQI+ diversity and inclusion with your broader workforce. Included is a discussion of different terminology, gender diversity and pronouns, and what allyship in the workplace looks like.


  • 2SLGBTQI+ Intro
  • Gender Diversity
  • Inclusion Considerations
  • Inclusive Workplaces
  • Getting Started: Next Steps

Management Session

A 90-minute session that focuses on how Management can support 2SLGBTQI+ inclusion within your organization/business. Included is a brief overview of relevant language and gender diversity, a discussion of the experiences of 2SLGBTQI+ workers, and suggested policies and practices to consider in supporting your inclusion efforts.


  • 2SLGBTQI+ Intro
  • Inclusion Considerations for Leadership
  • Inclusive Policies & Practices
  • Starting Your Journey
  • Application Case Studies


To schedule a workshop for your group or for more information, please contact Connor at