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Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce Launches Rainbow Registered Accreditation Program

June 7, 2021

Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) is proud to announce its new national Rainbow Registered accreditation program. The accreditation will help consumers and prospective employees to more easily identify LGBT+ friendly businesses across Canada. It will also help businesses of all industries and sizes, demonstrate their commitment and consistent efforts to provide a welcome and accepting experience through progressive policies and practices. 

“The Rainbow Registered program is a way for companies to affirm their position on LGBT+ rights and make it clear what their stance is,” said Darrell Schuurman, Chief Executive Officer of the LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce. “It’s no longer enough to talk about inclusivity. Canadian consumers and employees are now demanding clear actionable steps that show a business’s values align with their own.”

Canadians Demanding Corporations Contribute to Overcome Inequalities

The accreditation program launches at a time when Canadians are demanding that businesses step up their efforts on the fairness and sustainability front, according to a Navigator report released in September 2020. The study found that 59 per cent of Canadians believe that capitalism is in need of reform so that it is more inclusive, fair and sustainable, and 51 per cent think Canadian businesses should contribute more to the betterment of society. 67 per cent of Canadians agree that if residents are going to overcome inequalities, governments in Canada need to get tougher with Canadian businesses and corporations. 

“Canadians want a more equitable, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable economic system and see government bringing down the hammer on businesses as a necessity in order for that to become a reality.” said Brian Gallant, CEO of the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation (CCPC), the company who commissioned the report and CGLCC partner. “Government is seen by Canadians as the institution most responsible for the fight against the societal challenges of concern. Consequently, Canadians want governments to enhance their efforts, including using their ability to force businesses and corporations to do more to tackle climate change, inequalities and inequities.” added Gallant.

Rainbow Registered Sets The Bar for Corporate LGBT+ Inclusivity

The program sets a rigorous set of standards that companies must meet before earning the Rainbow Registered mark and the benefits that go along with it. The standards focus on four key areas including policies and practices, training, commitment to inclusive leadership and a culture of inclusivity. The program starts by encouraging businesses to look inwards, examining how they are operating and doing business, finding areas that may be perpetuating unconscious bias, then working closely with CGLCC to forge a path forward to becoming more inclusive.

Pricing starts at $299 + tax for small businesses and scales to match company size. It takes less than a week to complete the program, at which point businesses will be able to promote themselves as a Rainbow Registered organization, access CGLCC member benefits, and be included in the Rainbow Registered business directory for consumers.

Companies interested in applying to the rainbow registered program can get started today by completing the first step, a self-assessment found at

Consumers interested in learning which organizations are accredited can find the business directory at