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Storytelling and how it relates to Business Writing

October 7, 2022

As humans, we use stories to understand and find meaning in things. Stories are how we make sense of a world. In a business context, we constantly need to make decisions or have others understand our way of thinking. This is why having a good understanding of storytelling is vital. It can be a powerful tool for persuasion. Often, when we write at work, we are looking to move people.

Whether you’re submitting a bid, writing a case study, creating a strategic presentation, or writing for internal or external communications – your aim is to show colleagues your point of view, encourage decision-makers to buy, sell, or sign off on a project. Using a storytelling structure in any of these contexts will appeal to the humanity of those to whom you’re presenting. Appeal to human nature and you’ll hold their attention, keep them engaged and increase the likelihood of moving them towards your position.

Moderator: Antoine Elhashem (INspired Media Inc. / Brainspired Publishing)

Authors/Speakers: Joie Lamar (Owner Brainchild Holdings, Brainspired Publishing partner with INspired Media), Wayne Douglas Harrison, Denise Easson, and Joelle Circé Laramée.

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