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ClassRebel x CGLCC

January 16, 2024


We are thrilled to be partnering with ClassRebel to offer spots for their exclusive courses. Please find below details on their current course offerings, the most up-to-date schedule and the signup link!

ClassRebel’s mission is to make education a public good. We deliver modern skillsets – taught live – accessible to all and affordable to all. This education is from the streets. All ClassRebel instructors have built companies from the ground up, and are in the thick of what they’re teaching about, right now.

Launched in 2019, ClassRebel is a modern education company that believes that everyone should have access to live, high quality, and affordable education for this 100-year life.

The class spots can be used for any one of ClassRebel’s courses – live or on-demand – and there is no expiry date for the spots!



Our goal is to get you so well-versed and so comfortable with the language and mechanics of raising money that a VC would be impressed by your fluency and confidence. If you can effortlessly talk deal terms, you’re more likely to raise more money, on better terms, so you can build something that matters.

After Fundraising 101, You Will Be Able To:

  • Find the right investors and that warm intro for a meeting.
  • Include the right things in your pitch deck and 5-year forecast.
  • Navigate a technical conversation on 3 venture deal types: Convertible Notes, SAFEs and Priced Rounds.
  • Identify the 7 Key Deal Terms to focus on to keep as much equity and control in your company as possible.
  • Push the deal to closing and start building.

Full course outline can be found HERE


Our goal is to get you so well-versed and comfortable with the language and mechanics of angel investing, that you can confidently approach any early stage founder whose company you really believe in, and secure yourself an investment that could change your life, no matter how small your cheque.

After Angels 101, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop an industry-specific investment thesis.
  • Understand how Convertible Notes and SAFEs work.
  • Understand how the Priced Round works (Convertible Preferred Shares).
  • Understand how equity in a Company’s option plan works.
  • Persuade a founder to let you invest in their early-stage company.

Full course outline can be found HERE


Learn the foundations and mechanics of equity compensation so that you can secure the highest possible equity grant from your employer on your way into the company. Alternatively, if you are consulting with start-ups, you will be able to negotiate equity grants as compensation instead of cash.

After Negotiating Your Equity Compensation, you will be able to negotiate with ease:

  • A significantly increased stock option or RSU grant from your employer;
  • An option to participate in the company’s Employee Share Purchase Plan (if applicable);
  • Equity grants as compensation for consulting to start-ups, as an alternative to cash.

Full course outline can be found HERE.


The goal of this course is to assist you in building a 1m+ organic monthly reach for your movement, purpose-driven brand, ecommerce or media company. By sharing all the strategic and tactical efforts LIVEKINDLY deployed over the last 4 years to organically reach over 26m+ unique monthly viewers, this course aims to help everyone looking to make a positive social impact, whether it be through a non-profit or a purpose-driven, for-profit brand.

After Reaching Millions, you’ll be able to identify and execute:

  • 2 Major Content Creation Strategies to Draw the Broadest Possible Audience
  • Keyword Strategies To Give Your Content Maximum Organic Reach
  • 3 Key Tactics to Drive Engagement and Follower Growth
  • 3 Key Performance Tools Used to Achieve and Assess Reach
  • 2 Monetization Strategies

Full course outline can be found HERE.

and MORE


Each 8-hour course is broken down into four 2-hour segments. Our freshest course lineup, all happening LIVE (or on-demand) via Zoom can be found HERE.


Testimonials from CGLCC’s certified suppliers

  • Alex Hobbs
    I would give Brooke and ClassRebel an 11/10, and I don’t give that easily.  Presumably getting financed, rapidly increasing revenue etc would really help your numbers a great deal – and likely at a rate way higher than any other.
  • Zubair Khan
    I really appreciated the class that was offered by CGLCC / Classrebel with regards to Fundraising.  I am extremely interested in attending more workshops and classes such as these. Although the class was quite fast paced and provided an overview of the entire fundraising process / framework, it was an excellent way to start an education on this topic.


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