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CGLCC named Global Affiliate Chamber of the Year

August 18, 2023

Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) recognized as the Global Affiliate Chamber of the Year by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

This prestigious award not only acknowledges CGLCC’s commitment to economic inclusion and empowerment but also celebrates the incredible journey of growth and sustainability that the organization has undertaken since its inception in 2003. The award was presented and accepted during CGLCC’s most recent trade mission to Denver, USA.

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Trailblazing a path of growth and sustainability

From its small beginnings in 2003, CGLCC embarked on a remarkable trajectory. Founded by Darrell Schuurman and Bruce McDonald, the organization recognized the need for economic inclusion for the 2SLGBTQI+ business community and brought NGLCC’s Supplier Diversity Program to Canada. Over the years, CGLCC’s membership base has flourished, fostering a supportive ecosystem where 2SLGBTQI+ businesses thrive.

Corporate Partnerships and Small Business Membership

CGLCC’s journey of growth is supported by its corporate partnerships and small business membership. The organization has more than doubled its corporate membership base over the past three years, with 66 corporate partners in 2023, up from 27 in 2020. This increase reflects the rising awareness of Supplier Diversity and the advocacy efforts undertaken by CGLCC within Canada.

Innovative programs with lasting impact

CGLCC’s innovative programs have had a lasting impact on the 2SLGBTQI+ business community. The Supplier Diversity program connects certified 2SLGBTQI+ businesses with corporate partners, facilitating B2B connections and procurement opportunities. With 118 certified suppliers and growing, this program has led to increased visibility, revenue, and business growth for our members.

Another trailblazing initiative is the Rainbow Registered program, which accredits 2SLGBTQI+ safe businesses, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the marketplace. The program has accredited 260 businesses across Canada by July 2023, creating a trusted symbol of inclusivity for consumers and employees alike.

Global engagement and empowerment

CGLCC’s global engagement efforts have also been pivotal in creating a more interconnected and supportive international business community. Collaborations with NGLCC and other affiliates, including trade missions and strategic partnerships, have opened doors for Canadian 2SLGBTQI+ businesses on a global scale. The groundbreaking ACTIF program, in collaboration with Samavesh Chamber of Commerce in India and Equal Asia Foundation in Thailand, has addressed economic inequities and fostered empowerment solutions for 2SLGBTQI+ communities abroad.
Advocating for inclusivity and economic empowerment

CGLCC’s advocacy efforts have been instrumental in fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future. Its commitment to 2SLGBTQI+ business inclusivity has led to a stronger focus on supplier diversity, encouraging corporate partners to support diverse entrepreneurs. Economic empowerment remains a primary goal, with initiatives like the 2SLGBTQI+ Entrepreneurship Program securing historic funding from the Government of Canada in June 2023.

CGLCC’s dedication to intersectionality recognizes the unique challenges faced by individuals with multiple marginalized identities, ensuring that our advocacy work is truly representative and inclusive. Through policy discussions and evidence-based insights, CGLCC aims to influence positive change at the legislative level.

Looking forward to a more inclusive future

As CGLCC celebrates this remarkable achievement, the organization remains committed to advancing economic empowerment, inclusivity, and advocacy for the 2SLGBTQI+ community. This recognition as the Global Affiliate Chamber of the Year by NGLCC is not just an honor; it’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of CGLCC’s members, partners, and supporters who share the vision of a more inclusive and prosperous world for all.