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Congratulations Kedar & Hydronique Hydration!

March 28, 2022

We are excited to announce our first winner of the EY Pitch Competition! Congratulations to Kedar Patil, Founder and CEO of Hydronique Hydration Corp.!

With the wonderful support of EY, CGLCC hosted the first of a series of three pitch sessions on March 24th. In these sessions, selected LGBT+ certified suppliers and OUT for Business Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their business pitch to a panel of judges in 10 minutes. The judges then evaluate the pitch and offer feedback and tips, and the winner of each session will join us at CGLCC’s annual Global LGBT+ Business Summit and Supplier Diversity Forum (June 2-3, 2022). This is an amazing opportunity for LGBT+ businesses to learn how they can improve their selling techniques to corporate buyers!

Kedar had this to say about his experiences in founding and developing Hydronique Hydration:

The pandemic was (and still is) a tough time for everyone. My colleagues and I, working on the frontlines, had it particularly difficult –the equipment we wore to protect ourselves actually prevented us from eating and drinking all day and night. We would leave work burnt out, malnourished, and dehydrated.

The truth is, all people struggle with hydration and nutrition at one point or another. Our busy lives distract us from the signals that our own bodies are sending. We turn to quick fixes, energy drinks and sugary juices, with occasional sips of water in between.

I created Hydronique Hydration to change all that. I began in 2021, by creating my own powder blends in my small apartment kitchen, until eventually partnering with an established manufacturer to produce high-quality nutrient-rich sugar-free hydration formulations.

Although Hydronique Hydration is still a small brand, we are encouraged by all the positive feedback from customers and the industry, and look forward to further expansion with new products and flavours.

I am grateful for my experience as a mentee in the CGLCC mentorship program over the past few months. This program has provided me with a positive inclusive environment through which I have developed my skills as a new entrepreneur, while also learning ways in which I can expand Hydronique Hydration and meet the needs of my customers.
Thank you!

Kedar (he/him), Founder and CEO of Hydronique Hydration

We thank ALL the participants who presented FANTASTIC pitches! If you would like to find out more, or get involved in the EY Pitch Competition, please contact Paige Harlock.