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Statement on the Speech from the Throne – CGLCC, Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce

September 24, 2020

Thursday, September 24, 2020

CGLCC listened with great interest to the Speech from the Throne at the opening of the second session of the 43rd Parliament.

We are encouraged by the government’s agenda on diversity in business, especially the commitment to ‘go further on economic empowerment for specific communities, and increasing diversity on procurement’. CGLCC remains committed to ensuring that LGBT+ businesses are part of this agenda for economic development and recovery. 

CGLCC from its inception has been a strong advocate for Supplier Diversity in Canada, promoting economic empowerment and opportunity for all Canadians. We fully support the establishment of the Black Entrepreneurship Program and believe targeted policies, such as this, are necessary to address systemic barriers to minority and diverse-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. 

We look forward to seeing further details as policy is developed in the coming weeks and months.