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LGBTQ2 Business Trade Mission

April 23, 2018

The CGLCC is pleased to be working with the federal government to hold the first-ever Government of Canada-led LGBTQ2 trade mission to the United States later this summer, as announced by the Minister of International Trade, the Honourable  François-Phillippe Champagne, in Halifax on April 21, 2018. This initiative will support Canadian LGBTQ2 companies in accessing and creating global trade opportunities.

This initiative helps create equal opportunities for LGBTQ2 Canadian businesses.  The trade mission will provide LGBTQ2 businesses an opportunity to “sit at the table”.  For too long, LGBTQ2 businesses have been under-represented in procurement and trade opportunities, both domestically and abroad. This mission will help correct this situation by levelling the playing field for LGBTQ2-owned businesses in Canada.

The CGLCC believes that the proposed trade mission will help enhance the Canadian economy and the country’s export performance. At the global level, numerous corporations are already engaging with many LGBTQ2-owned businesses that provide innovative solutions to their needs and challenges. Canada’s share of that global market is currently way too small. An LGBTQ2 trade mission will contribute to raising the awareness, visibility and credibility of Canadian LGBTQ2 businesses, which will then give them better access to global trade opportunities.

The CGLCC works closely with several other organizations focused on supporting and encouraging the growth of diverse-owned companies, including Aboriginals, visible minorities and women. The CGLCC’s goal is to build greater networks and opportunities for diverse businesses to collaborate and grow their activities. The launching of the first-ever LGBTQ2 trade mission will help the CGLCC fulfill these objectives.

The CGLCC looks forward to working with the federal government to ensure the success of this important initiative.

For more information on the trade mission, please contact Richard Martin, Director of Global Program.