2SLGBTQI+ Travel Market-Ready Seminars

2SLGBTQI+ Travel Market-Ready Webinars

Once you’ve gotten acquainted with the various 2SLGBTQI+ communities and how best to serve them in your workplace, you may want to make a concerted effort to welcome the 2SLGBTQI+ travel market to your destination.

Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, CGLCC has access to extensive research about the 2SLGBTQI+ travel market’s preferences and spending habits – and has even identified personas to help you build an effective 2SLGBTQI+ marketing strategy catered to these demographics.

This two-hour seminar will share exclusive 2SLGBTQI+ travel market info and case study best practices from around the world, as well as expose you to a number of custom 2SLGBTQI+ products to help inspire your own successful 2SLGBTQI+ tourism-welcoming strategy.

Part 1

Part 2