LGBT+ Safe Space Accreditation Pilot Program – Assessor Application

LGBT+ Safe Space Accreditation Pilot Program – Assessor Application


Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC), in collaboration with Tourism HR Canada (THRC), are developing a comprehensive LGBT+ Safe Space Accreditation Pilot Program aiming to help businesses, organizations and communities certify their status as LGBT+ friendly.

As an important step toward finalizing and launching the accreditation program, we are testing it in the field in January 2021. We invite you to participate in the Field Test as a Field Test Assessor.


Field Test Assessors will be required to:

  • Take part in a training session to review and discuss the Assessment process and materials.
  • Review the applicant business/organization’s Application Form and review the applicant’s website (if available).
  • Contact each of their assigned applicants to schedule a brief initial telephone interview.
  • Schedule an in-depth interview with each applicant to review their information. The Assessor may also need to schedule one to five interviews with others to complete each assessment (e.g., customers, suppliers, etc.).
  • Document the assessment findings using the form and guidance provided.
  • Review the information obtained in the assessment and determine whether the applicant meets the overall requirements for accreditation.
  • Submit comments and final recommendation on accreditation status for the applicant based on the guidelines provided.
  • Provide feedback on the assessment process and field test materials.


Field Test Assessors will receive the following compensation:

  • $250 plus applicable HST per applicant assessment upon submission of the final assessment documentation with comments and recommendations
  • $50 plus applicable HST per 1 hour training session
  • $50 plus applicable HST per per applicant final report with feedback on the results from the field test


The Field Test of the assessment process will begin January 18, 2021 and conclude February 15, 2021. Each assessment is expected to take one half-day (0.5), but may take longer depending if further analysis is required. The time required for each assessment will depend on the size of the business/organization and amount of material to be reviewed. Final assessment documentation for each applicant is requested within five (5) days of completing the assessment.

Conflict of Interest

Field Test Assessors will be expected to indicate if they perceive a conflict of interest once learning the specifics of the assigned Applicants. Conflicts of interest might arise due to past or current employment with the Applicant, existing or potential partnerships with the Applicant or situations where granting accreditation status can be seen to benefit the individual Assessor or their organization.


The application period is now closed.