CGLCC QPoC Focus Group

CGLCC QPoC Focus Group

You’ve worked twice as hard.

How can we work twice as hard for you? 

Journalist Genelle Levy recalls: “I was in grade school the first time my parents told me, ‘you’ll have to work twice as hard to get half as far.’ Everybody who grows up Black knows this saying — a reminder that because of my skin colour, opportunities would not just fall in my lap the way they would with some of my White classmates….I just wanted to be able to reach my full potential.”

Voices like these are important and Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) wants more of them to be heard. We’re conducting a nationwide virtual focus group for BIPoC identified LGBT+ business owners and entrepreneurs that will see a panel of Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern business professionals examining any advantages, challenges and/or barriers that you face and discussing ways to either benefit or overcome them. With your help, we will grow QPoC (Queer People of Colour) representation and strength among our CGLCC membership and across the Canadian business landscape.

Please enter your details below for an opportunity to join this vital focus group to take place in August 2021, exact date TBD depending upon participants’ availabilities. Selected participants will be compensated for their time with a one-year CGLCC membership (valued at $200). Please submit your name for consideration by July 16, 2021. The information you provide will aid us in planning our CGLCC QPoC Focus Group but any self-identification below is entirely optional: